Safety Sponge With Yellow Borders

The Safety Sponge with Yellow Border has been manufactured with corrugated surface to reduce slips and falls, making this mat a safe product. However, Safety Sponge with Yellow Border is the perfect solution to provide a safe and secure work environment providing comfort and durability.
·       The right solution for work areas reducing to its minimal expression fatigue
·       Capable to absorb dirt and water in a very efficient way
Features and benefits
·       Manufactured of vinyl core with corrugated surface
·       Thickness: 3/8”
·       Surface: wide ribbed
·       Charcoal color with safety yellow border
·       Beveled edges
·       Non-skid mat, prevents slips and falls
·       Easy to clean with vacuum
·       Maximum durability
·       Warehouses
·       Factories
·       Work areas
·       Garages
·       General Industries

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